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Difference Between French and Italian Macaron

Macaron is a sweet cake in round shape which is prepared with sugar and eggs. The cream can also be sandwiched between the upper and lower sides of the macaron. You can prepare multicolor and beautifully packed macarons that will not only enhance the taste but also serves the purpose of dessert.

Macaron Types:

There are Two Basic Types of Macarons:

1. Italian macaron 
2. French macaron 

Both types are very delicious and yummy small sized sweet cakes which are commonly known as macarons. Despite the name and the way they are prepared, there are some prominent differences between the two. The difference between two macarons lies in their taste and shape.

Many people find them equally tasty, and some of them are unable to distinguish between the two. However, if you want to become a professional baker and master in the creation of macarons, you will have to get a strong grip on any of the two types.
Difference Between French and Italian Macaron
Major Differences Between Italian and French Macaron:

1. Technique:
The technique of preparing both macaron recipes is what makes them different from each other. The French meringue is added to French macarons, and Italian meringue is added to Italian macaron. 

In Italian macaron technique, the sugar along with water in a solution is heated up until it forms the sweet syrup. The syrup is added to uncooked eggs, and then the combination of the syrup and eggs is beaten up. Beating the solutions requires you to beat it with consistency. 

You can also use a stand mixer for a thorough beating. French technique, however, requires you to uncooked eggs and sugars and then baking them to form a fluffy and soft airbase. The French method is considered to be easier than Italian recipe. 

Many bakers like Italian method of macaron more than the French method as it produces more reliable results. However, it is not suitable for those people who want a pure French taste and texture in their macaron recipe. 

The Italian method to cook the macaron is considered to be a little more complex as compared to the French method. It is the good technique and baking skills that make your macaron taste better and higher. The Italian macaron takes a while in preparing without any error.

2. Impression:
Italian method gives more rises to macarons while using French recipe; the macaron remains flat. It should be kept in mind that the whole appearance of the recipe depends on the temperature at which you bake it. French macarons are fluffier in look as compared to Italian macarons.

The interior of Italian macarons is more compact as compared to French macaron. Italian macarons are not lightweight or airy from inside. They have complete cream or chocolate filled with them instead. The French macaron also has inside filled. However, it does not look as compact as Italian macarons. 

3. The Thickness of Shell:

Although the difference in the thickness of the shell is hard to notice, the Italian macarons have a little more thick shell. The French macaron shell is thinner and shatters into tiny pieces when bitten. The shell is so delicate and breaks so easily. Italian macarons, on the other hand, have thick shells. 
Which type of macaron is better
Which Type of Macaron is Better

There are different opinions when it comes to deciding which of the two types is better. Some people like French macarons because they are easy to prepare. They don’t create much fuss in their preparation.

The thinner shell of French macaron makes it taste better and more delicate, and a person enjoys eating them

The Italian macarons are more stable when they are prepared. The beginners are advised to start their recipe with the Italian macarons. However, it requires the cook to have a complete understanding of the temperature the macaron needs, the exact amount of sugar syrup to be added and a lot more. Therefore, you are more likely to make a mistake while preparing Italian macarons.

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