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3 Best DIY Father's Day Gifts For Kids

Father’s day is a special event in which kids cherish their father’s love and care. At times, it is very hard to decide that what sort of gift should be given. For this reason, we are here with 3 best DIY Father’s day gifts for the kids.

These gifts would not take much time in crafting as well as being inexpensive. You can try out any of these without any issue. However, when you are going to wrap up these gifts then you can purchase customized gift boxes wholesale to have a good impression on the receiver.
1. Make a Plain Memory Box 

To make this memory box, you have to purchase a small wooden box. You can purchase it online or offline it is up to you. You can make a few wooden letters or can also purchase them from the store. The first thing you have to do is to remove the front panel of the box and then use saw to make a small size slot on its top.

It might not be neat like as some people are not professionals in using saw. Now you need to spell it out like “LOVE YOU” on the rear panel of the box. You can easily give shade to these letters with the acrylics.
However, it is recommended that you use the natural shade of the wood. The best part of these letters is that they have a glue back so you do not have to use the glue.
After that, you need to reassemble the box and then it is ready! You just need to start it off with old ski-passes as well as race tickets. The amazing thing about this gift box is that its front panel clips out easily.

Due to this reason, for the upcoming years, it will be easy to take out the tickets and relive the special moments again. It would be a wonderful gift for Father’s Day.
Plain Memory Box
2. World’s Simplest Pop Gift

In case you are looking for awesome gift ideas for Father’s day than not to worry. You can now make a world’s best and simplest pop gift. It is quite a big mason jar that is filled with the things that are related with “POP”. There are many people who do not have DIY skills. 

For those people, this project is not so hard to make. You will enjoy making this gift. The first thing you would need to make this gift is to get a mason jar. When you will get it then decorate it a bit in any sort.
World’s Simplest Pop Gift
After that, you have to fill this jar with all the things that would go with the POP. Simple as that! On the other hand, it would be good if you will add colorful items in the jar to make this gift more appealing.
3. DIY Pre-Shaving Oil 

It is quite difficult to make a special gift for Father’s day but now things will become simple for you. You can make DIY pre-shaving Oil for this special event and amaze everyone. It is enjoyable to create this useful gift.
DIY Pre-Shaving Oil
This oil is an entirely homemade alternative to the shaving gel. It would help in making the skin smooth. There are many ways to create this oil so you can choose the one that is easy for you. You can change the recipe that is dependent on the skin of the user. So, you need to take account that the receiver does not get an allergy from this oil. 
Source: JBmumofone